• Solar cooking workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal. Photo: S. Kaji, February 2014.

  • Solar cooking helps people breathe cleaner air, drink safe water, and leave trees in the environment.

  • With your help, SCI mobilizes the world's solar cooking experts.

Your gift for solar cooking helps...

  • Improve health
  • Conquer waterborne disease
  • Preserve habitats
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The Solar Cooking Solution

Solar cooking is a solution for nearly 3 billion people worldwide who cook over open fires.

Some cannot afford to buy, or cannot gather, fuel to cook food or make their water safe to drink. "The Solar Cooking Solution" contains footage from visits to Solar Cookers International's partners in Kenya, India, and Nepal in 2015. Learn more about the solution SCI’s donors make possible with their gifts to support solar cooking worldwide. Learn how you can help make a difference with solar cooking.


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All About Solar Cooking

Discover the world of solar cooking on the world's best solar cooking resource, offered by Solar Cookers International. 

"Thank you for the incredible, valuable and much needed work that Solar Cookers International does for the world." --Therese Edlin, SCI Supporter

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