Adopting Solar Cooking on a Grander Scale

2:49 PM on Mar 11, 2020


Solar Cookers International joined more than 25,000 global leaders from nearly 200 countries at the 25th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, Spain to advocate for solar cooking solutions to the climate crisis.

SCI Executive Director Caitlyn Hughes had the opportunity to speak with Angeline Heine-Reimers, Energy Planner for the Republic of the Marshall Islands, to discuss her plans to adopt solar cooking on a grander scale. This is just one example of how SCI connects with, educates, and empowers government leaders with solar cooking.  Watch the discussion here:

SCI first met Angeline at COP 24 where she spoke at one of SCI's press conferences about the urgency of climate solutions including solar cooking.  Watch the press conference at https://www.solarcookers.org/about/blog/united-nations-climate-change-conference-cop24.  Thank you to SCI supporters who help us build on these pivotal collaborations to enact this sustainable solution.