Celebrating 2019 Successes and Looking Ahead to 2020

Celebrating 2019 Successes and Looking Ahead to 2020

11:31 AM on Jan 13, 2020


As you and SCI move forward into 2020, let’s take a moment to celebrate the important impact YOU made possible in 2019.

Because of you, there are nearly 4 million solar cookers worldwide, positively directly impacting 14 million people.

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With solar cooking, 14 million people, like Elizabeth and her son (pictured above), can breathe fresher air, drink cleaner water, and eat more nutritional meals.  Environments are preserved and CO2 emissions are prevented.  The whole world benefits

In 2019 alone, you and SCI made great strides in the world of solar cooking.  Together, we:

These successes are only possible because of you and your support.   SCI is excited to move forward into 2020 with you - our valued supporters - to further the solar cooking movement and change lives globally.  Thank you for being a part of this important journey