Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is a way to donate to SCI through your estate allowing SCI to continue to advance its mission with your help far into the future. Legacy giving is a creative way to support SCI that has personal benefits, such as significant tax savings. 


“It feels so good to have a plan and to know that others will
benefit. If everyone included even a small percentage of their estate,
we could change the world.”
Suzanne Hermreck
SCI Legacy Donor

With a legacy gift, you:

• Support the values you hold dear and the causes you care about, for years to come.

• Create a legacy that your children and future generations will be proud of and grateful for.

• Increase tax and financial benefits for both you and your family while giving SCI the ability to bring past and present success into the future.

You and SCI

• Since 1987, SCI and our valued supporters have been changing lives through advocacy, research, and capacity building.

• Together, we are improving human and environmental health in a critical time of need and giving families around the world a safe, sustainable way to cook food and make water safe to drink.

• With our strong history as the leader in the solar cooking sector, you will feel confident your gift has a significant impact in bringing the number of women and children cooking over open, toxic fires from the billions down to zero.