Legacy Stories

Read about our Legacy Circle supporters

M._Woods_family_photo_1.jpg"We became Legacy Circle members in 2019. My husband and I are comforted knowing our children know how to honor our passion for Solar Cookers International. 

We talked about legacy giving over the last several years but were intimidated by the process. What really hit home for us, was watching our parents and friends go through settling estates. They didn’t know how to honor their loved ones by donating to charities they supported through their lifetime," says Monica.

Hear more about why Monica and professional artist Mary Frank are SCI Legacy Circle members during this event: https://www.solarcookers.org/about/blog/MWevent

Suzanne Hermreck.jpgAsk Suzanne Hermreck why she made a plan to include Solar Cookers International in her estate plan and she will tell you, “I love the mission. Solar cooking is brilliant. It makes sense.” 

Suzanne first heard about solar cooking at her university and understood the immediate benefit for women and children, so she volunteered for a speaker’s group until she graduated. Later when she learned about Solar Cookers International’s help for refugees, particularly in Darfur at the time, she wanted to be part of the program by giving. 

Doran.jpgMr. Doran Smout was a dedicated solar cooking supporter in many ways. Doran first got into solar cooking by constructing solar cookers with his dad, and his brother Joseph.  He went on to lead many solar cooking events in his neighborhood.  Doran often volunteered with Solar Cookers International, doing solar cooker demonstrations such as at the CA State Fair. Joseph described Doran as a “really great guy, very tender hearted.” Joseph said, Doran “was quite proud of Solar Cookers International."


Caitlyn.jpgI am inspired by California’s recent decision that 100% of it’s energy will be renewable by 2045.  This realization, combined with action to protect our future, is exactly what is needed.  That’s why I joined SCI’s legacy circle.  What better way to think about my passing, then to think about my values continuing to be enacted, honored, and worked towards.