Arun Raman

Arun Raman is a youth volunteer at SCI. A geography enthusiast, Arun has been a three-year state finalist in the National Geographic Bee and has won second place in the state competition. Participation in the Bee has not only allowed Arun to learn about places on the map, but also the interconnections within our world and how the largest problems in the world are not just local but global.

With a passion to utilize sustainable engineering for solving global problems, Arun is leveraging the solar cooker testing facilities of SCI to evaluate the performance of open source solar cooker designs. Arun has represented SCI at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF).

Since his sophomore year, Arun has been participating in Columbia University’s Science Honors Program (SHP), a highly selective program for high school students who have a strong interest in the sciences and mathematics. Arun is also a member of the engineering and math clubs in his school and has participated in many science and technology competitions.