Christina Leone

Program / Administrative Associate

"Our world sustains life through various energies. Solar cooking harvests heat energy from our sun and allows us to transform raw ingredients provided by our earth, into nutritious meals. It’s a beautiful, natural way of living.” -Christina Leone

Christina joined Solar Cookers International (SCI) in mid-2023 as the Program/Administrative Assistant, excited to share with donors how they make a positive impact and share more information about solar cooking with the global community. She was drawn to the dedication to improving climate change through advocating for natural cooking techniques. Throughout her life, she volunteered at several small local nonprofit organizations with focuses on female empowerment, poverty aliment, disability accommodation, and arts and culture, such as Acres of Hope, Par Place Senior Living, and the Maidu Community Center. As someone passionate about health, nutrition, nature, and holism, she was excited to become part of SCI’s mission.

Prior to joining SCI, she spent her time in the business industry, working at a conglomerate under Berkshire Hathaway. During her time there, she, alongside her team, earned the President’s Group Award for Spring 2022 for tackling a sudden upsurge from a premium client without missing a single deadline while maintaining consistency with a regular workload. She is proud of her experience working for a top 10 global company and is now happy to work with a global nonprofit.

She obtained her Associate of Science degree in both Accounting and Business Administration (double major) in 2018 before moving on to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration: Marketing in December 2020. Outside of SCI, you can find her volunteering or shopping at charity stores, creative writing, sewing clothing, and experimenting with new recipes.