Caitlyn Hughes

Executive Director

“Many of us have the luxury of pressing a button or turning a dial to cook.  However, unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for approximately 2.4 billion people (about 33% of the world’s population) who still cook over open fires.  Solar cooking is a beautiful and powerful solution that brings us together and makes the cleanest energy available to all of us everywhere the sun shines.  Thank you for joining us in this important mission to improve human and environmental health with solar cooking and to make it accessible to those who have the most to benefit from it.” -Caitlyn Hughes, SCI Executive Director 

Caitlyn Hughes is a passionate advocate for improving human and environmental health by the advancement of solar cooking around our planet. Ms. Hughes is actively leading SCI to achieve the mission of expanding effective and carbon-free solar cooking in regions of greatest need.  Caitlyn is leading the organization by implementing SCI’s strategic focus of advocacy, research and strengthening capacity. Caitlyn joined Solar Cookers International in 2014 to gather and analyze data and compile best practices from SCI’s field projects as well as the global solar cooking community. Since then, she has appreciated the opportunity to advocate for the solar cooking sector at numerous United Nations events.  She has the honor of working with numerous, dedicated teams to connect and advance the solar cooking sector, including the SCI staff, Board of Directors, Global Advisors, volunteers, collaborators, and supporters. 

Caitlyn's passion for solar cooking and its global benefits prompted her to join SCI's Legacy Circle.  By listing Solar Cookers International as a beneficiary on her bank account, Caitlyn has committed to helping SCI strengthen the solar cooking movement and empower women and their families, for generations to come.  

Ms. Hughes joined the InterAction Board of Directors in 2023 and also served on the board of directors of the Planned Giving Forum of Greater Sacramento from 2020-2023. Serving on the board with this professional organization fit well with her personal and professional goals to help people enact and support their values in the long-run.

Ms. Hughes has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from the University of California Davis and a master’s degree in Humanitarian Action from Ruhr University in Germany. Her past experiences include Development Assistance Research Associates (DARA) in Madrid, Spain; United Action for Children (a local non-profit in Cameroon, Africa); the International Rescue Committee; fundraising for non-profits such as Save the Children, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club; and managing Outdoor Education programs for the City of Davis. She enjoys solar cooking, being outside, and traveling.  

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