Paul Hedrick

Solar Cooking Wiki Webmaster (part-time)

Since early 2010 Paul has been a part-time Solar Cooking Wiki website administer. The Solar Cooking Wiki is the world's largest online database of solar cooking inforamtion.  Paul helps to monitor the day-to-day activity on the Solar Cooking Wi along with Ben Hedrick. Personally, he is also responsible for keeping the Calendar of Events current and creating articles for new people and organizations on the Solar Cooking Wiki.

New information about solar cooking will arrive from various sources, including Google Alerts, Facebook postings, and emails sent from members. Often these sources contain photos, videos and text, which usually require editing, that are then uploaded appropriately to the Wiki.

The Solar Cooking Wiki webmasters have constantly strived to better the organization and navigation of the Solar Cooking Wiki. This has meant removing outdated material and improving existing articles, and creating new content. This requires concise communication skills, both written and graphic, and a comprehensive knowledge of solar cooking technology.

Paul also has an architectural practice in Seattle, WA, specializing primarily in new and remodeled homes. His background also includes urban planning and furniture design. He enjoys cycling and sea kayaking in the Northwest when he is not at the drawing board or on the computer.