Sara Rosen

Program and Operations Manager

"I am fascinated by the impact simple tools have on humanity's quest for social justice and empowerment. The printing press brought education to the masses, bicycles expanded job opportunities for workers, and even the humble washing machine helped move women from the home to the workforce. Solar cookers are similarly elegant in their ability to elicit remarkable environmental and humanitarian results through accessible technology,” says Sara. 

Sara joined the team in early 2023 as Program and Operations Manager, initially drawn to Solar Cooker International for its ambitious yet pragmatic mission advancing sustainable development for those that need it most. Before joining SCI, Sara worked with non-profits focused on empowering fragile and conflict-affected communities around the world. She began her career developing education programs in Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand. She continued working with grassroots organizations in southeast Asia building the operational scaffolding needed to execute a variety of community support programs including community centers, essential service access, social enterprise, and even art therapy. Eventually Sara returned to her hometown of Washington D.C. where she joined the international advocacy arena, supporting efforts to mitigate harm imposed on civilians by war and armed conflict. 

Sara has successfully helped organizations, both local and international, grow in size, evolve their approach, and expand their reach. However, what gives her the greatest professional pride is the smaller, individual achievements: transitioning a project to local leadership, establishing a community meeting place, or watching someone go from beneficiary to advocate. 

When she isn’t working Sara can usually be found elbow-deep in some art experiment or do-it-yourself project, otherwise spending time with her partner and beloved, but grumpy, pup. Sara now lives in southern Denmark, where she is learning to use those long Scandinavian summer days to solar cook meals inspired by the people and places she has had the great fortune to know.