Nathan Schumacher

Nathan Schumacher joined the Solar Cookers International (SCI) Board of Directors in the summer of 2019, after decades of volunteering and working on behalf of the environment.  Mr. Schumacher worked for the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) facilitating public participation activities regarding hazardous waste site cleanups, regulations and safer consumer products. In this role, Nathan had the opportunity to travel throughout California, talking with people from diverse backgrounds in rural, urban and suburban communities. He communicated transparently and accurately with the public about hazardous waste sites and waste handling facilities in their neighborhoods and the actions DTSC was taking about those facilities. Mr. Schumacher brings those effective communication and facilitation skills to SCI.

Mr. Schumacher volunteered for SCI since 2017 and fulfilled a variety of functions over the years. Nathan assisted registering SCI as a charitable organization in numerous states; conducted research regarding solid fuel use for cooking in various countries; and documented historical information about SCI supporters, among many other tasks. He is well versed in SCI’s Strategic Plan and current business model and brings an array of hands-on SCI experience that will benefit SCI.   

 Mr. Schumacher said, “To me, volunteering for this organization is not just a responsibility but a mission.  That mission to bring sun power to bear on the need for affordable cooking in homes throughout Africa, Asia and South America. But this mission is much more than making cooking affordable. Solar cooking provides people with better health, a less spoiled environment, and for women, more safety from sexual violence. Plus, if widely practiced in an area, solar cooking preserves trees to help lessen the effects from climate change.  Knowing all of this, the only answer was yes when I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors.” Nathan started supporting SCI in 1998 and will continue his support as a member of the SCI Board of Directors.

Mr. Schumacher volunteers his time with the Cosumnes River Preserve and has a long history of environmental activism. He fundraised for a wide variety of non-profits, cooperatives and political campaigns. Nathan’s experience in fund development and marketing, including writing proposals, coordinating special events, and coordinating volunteers, will be of great service to SCI. One of his biggest achievements was helping close the Rancho Seco nuclear plant outside of Sacramento, California. Nathan describes himself as becoming humbler, more flexible, and more positive over the years.  He actively relates to people in accordance with their world view and their culture. Nathan offers respect to everyone “because we are more similar than we are different.”

Mr. Schumacher holds a degree in political science from Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and both elementary and secondary teaching credentials from California State University, Sacramento, California.  Life has awarded Nathan with a marriage with Winnie Schumacher since 2004, a veteran special education teacher.