Peter W. Turnbull


“The mission of SCI around the benefits of solar cooking—how it reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, improves the local environment, reduces burdens on women, and improves indoor air quality—make me excited to join the SCI Board.  When I learned about the organization from another board member, I knew I wanted to become involved.”  Mr. Turnbull joined the Solar Cookers International Board of Directors in September, 2020.

Before retiring at the end of 2019, Peter’s career at Pacific Gas and Electric Company spanned 38 years, all focused on energy efficiency with customers.  From 2010 through 2019, he led PG&E’s customer-facing Zero Net Energy (ZNE) work.   Achievements included: 

·      Leading a large-scale analytic effort documenting the technical feasibility of ZNE for most building types

·      Documenting 17 successful commercial ZNE buildings in detail through a three volume publication addressing design through construction and operation

·      Leadership of Architecture at Zero, an annual architectural design competition challenging participants to solve real world problems for ZNE buildings

·      Statewide leadership of a K-14 schools program promoting and documenting successful retrofits of public school buildings to ZNE performance levels, and 

·      Work with large production home builders to demonstrate successful approaches to building new homes to ZNE performance levels in a production environment without additional cost.  

Over his ten years of ZNE work, and in years prior, Peter organized guided numerous symposia, conference presentations, technology evaluations and white papers examining a wide range of ZNE and related issues at customer sites, with US and California codes and standards, and addressing the what utilities call “the grid edge.”

Peter has also had extensive experience in developing and managing energy efficiency rebate programs for consumers across all markets.  He has likewise had extensive experience working with emerging technologies, test method development, analytic tool development, code support, and market research, especially in the areas of cool roofing, day-lighting and commercial food service.

“So, I’ve been involved in many different energy efficiency projects and technologies over my career, but they have all been in the context of the developed world.  There are a few exceptions, but most of what I’ve worked on to date has little application in the in the developing world, with 40-plus percent of the world’s population.  I wanted a chance to contribute to that world, to ‘give back,’ so to speak. It is a great honor to be a member of the SCI Board of Directors.”

Upon his retirement from PG&E, Peter began operating a consultancy, Peter Turnbull & Associates LLC.