Sanu Kaji Shrestha


Sanu Kaji Shrestha is the Founder and Director of the Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST). FoST is a non-profit organization established in 2002 with the goal of promoting sustainable solutions to energy and environmental challenges in Nepal. FoST is dedicated to developing efficient and cost- effective renewal and alternative energy technologies as well as providing skill training to rural and urban communities to meet their household needs.  

In 2001, Sanu Kaji Shrestha, a retired official at the World Bank, found himself forced to take three days off from work to stand in long queues for fuel, and he realized the extent of Nepal’s energy dependence. He began researching ways to bring sustainable domestic sources of energy to his country. Now FoST implements projects in Nepalese communities helping families to cook food, purify water and dry food using solar energy. Further, FoST teaches people how to retain heat for cooking, how to convert wastes into fuel briquettes, and how to use sustainable technologies in the rural kitchen environment.  

Mr. Shrestha is an active SCI partner conducting solar cooker workshops and implementing projects in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha studied at Saraswati Multiple Campus, KTM,TU.