Carmen Rocío Maldonado de Chazal

"Solar cooking is a way to change myself and a way to change the world. I just love solar cooking because it makes me feel more connected with mother earth. I really think it is important for everybody to take small steps to take care of her. This will be the best gift we can leave for future generations.  I also love solar cooking because I want my daughter to learn about it and to feel the power of the sun,” says SCI Global Advisor Rocío Maldonado who has extensive experience with carbon credits and solar cooking in Latin America. 

Ms. Maldonado is a world expert in emissions reduction projects. She brings her skills in making strategic alliances and financing to SCI. Rocío led solar cooker projects in Bolivia and Peru while monitoring the reductions of greenhouse gas emissions derived from using solar cookers.

In the past, she implemented a gas emissions monitoring program for a carbon solid waste composting project in Madagascar; this involved validation and verification of the project. Ms. Maldonado also served as the engineer in another composting project in France, with a goal of treating waste sustainably and producing a viable product.

Ms. Maldonado has a  Master of Sciences in Industrial and Urban Environment from the INSA de Lyon, Département de Génie Energétique et Environnement; a Diploma in Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) , La Paz, Bolivia; and degree in industrial engineering from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia.

Rocío speaks Spanish, French, and English and she is a published author.